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TIdIPAddrMonThread Class

Implements the thread used to monitor network adapters and IP addresses in the local system.

TIdIPAddrMonThread = class(TIdThread);

TIdIPAddrMonThread is a TIdThread descendant that implements the thread used to monitor network adapters in the local system for changes to their IP addresses. 

A TIdIPAddrMonThread instance is used in the implementation of the TIdIPAddrMon component. The TIdIPAddrMonThread instance is created and executed when the Active property in TIdIPAddrMon is set to True. 

During execution of the thread, the OnTimerEvent event handler is triggered when the Interval for the component has elapsed. The value in Interval is also used to indicate how long the thread remains active, polling it's Terminated property every .5 seconds, prior to firing the OnTimerEvent. 

Execution of the OnTimerEvent event handler is synchronized to the main VCL thread. 

When the Interval has elapsed during polling, the thread sleeps for the number of milliseconds indicated in Interval. 

Setting the Terminated property for the thread, or setting Active to False in the TIdIPAddrMon component, cause the thread to stop executing.

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