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TIdIOHandler.ReadInt64 Method

Reads a 64-bit Integer data type from the data source for the IOHandler.

function ReadInt64(
    AConvert: Boolean = True
): Int64;
Indicates if the byte order is converted from network ordering to its host-specific representation. Default value is True. 

Int64 - 64-bit Integer value read from the IOHandler.

ReadInt64 is an Int64 function used to read a 64-bit Integer value from the data source for the IOHandler. ReadInt64 use ReadBytes to acquire the number of bytes indicated by callint SizeOf for the Int64 data type, and passing the value to BytesToInt64

AConvert indicates if the byte order for the return value is converted from network byte order to its host-specific representation. When AConvert contains True, the TIdStack.NetworkToHost method in GStack is called to perform the byte order conversion. 

The default value for AConvert is True. 

Use ReadCardinal, ReadSmallInt, or ReadInteger to acquire other numeric data types from the IOHandler.

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