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TIdIOHandler.MakeIOHandler Method

Creates a new instance of an IOHandler using the specified class reference.

class function MakeIOHandler(
    ABaseType: TIdIOHandlerClass; 
    AOwner: TIdNativeComponent = nil
): TIdIOHandler;
Class reference used to create the IOHandler instance.
Component that owns the IOHandler class instance. Default value is nil. 

TIdIOHandler - The new IOHandler class instance.

MakeIOHandler is a class method used to create a new instance of an IOHandler using the class reference specified in ABaseType. MakeIOHandler searches GIOHandlerClassList for an IOHandlers class that inherits from the ancestor class in ABaseType, an it is used to instantiate the class instance for the return value. 

MakeIOHandler can raise an EIdException exception if an instance of the ancestor class is not found in GIOHandlerClassList. 

The value in AOwner is ignored at the present time.

Raised with the message RSIOHandlerTypeNotInstalled and the class name for the ancestor class in ABaseType. 
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