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TIdIOHandler.Intercept Property

Intermediary for actions using the transport and the IOHandler for the connection.

property Intercept: TIdConnectionIntercept;

Intercept is a TIdConnectionIntercept property used to act as an intermediary between the protocol stack and the IOHandler for a connection. 

Intercept is used to perform operations that result from connecting to or disconnecting from the transport layer for the IOHandler. 

Intercept also allows operations to be performed when sending and receiving data for the IOHandler. 

Read operations generally call ReadBytes which receives data from the transport for the IOHandler, calls the Receive method in the Intercept, and moves data to the InputBuffer

Write operations generally call WriteDirect which passes data to the Send method in the Intercept, and send data using the transport for the IOHandler. 

The Intercept must be Enabled to allow the actions for the Intercept to be performed. 

Do not create instances of TIdConnectionIntercept for assignment to the Intercept property. Use descendant classes (like TIdConnectionInterceptOpenSSL, TIdBlockCipherIntercept, or TIdInterceptThrottler) or create custom descendants that implement the virtual methods of TIdConnectionIntercept.

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