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Constructor for the object instance.

Owner of the object instance.
Stream to use for receving data with the IOHandler.
Stream to use for sending data with the IOHandler. 

Create is the constructor for the object instance. 

Create calls the inherited constructor usin AOwner as the owner of the object instance. 

AReceiveStream and ASendStream are the TStream instances to use for receiving and sending data with the stream-based IOHandler. AReceiveStream and ASendStream are assigned to the ReceiveStream and SendStream properties. 

Create sets the value for FreeStreams to True. Set FreeStreams to False to allow access to the streams in AReceiveStream and ASendStream after destruction of the stream-based IOHandler. 

Create sets the default value for StreamType to stReadWrite, implying that both streams in AReceiveStream and ASendStream are valid for their intended purpose. Set the value in StreamType to indicate if only the read or write stream instances should be used in the stream-based IOHandler.

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