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TIdIOHandlerStreamMsg.Create Constructor
constructor Create(
    AOwner: TIdNativeComponent; 
    AReceiveStream: TIdStream; 
    ASendStream: TIdStream = nil
); override;
Owner of the object instance.
Stream used for input in the stream-aware IOHandler.
Stream used for output in the stream-aware IOHandler. 

Create is the overridden constructor for the object instance. 

AOwner is the component that owns the object instance, or Nil when an owner is not specified. 

AReceiveStream is the stream used for performing input in the stream-aware IOHandler. 

ASendStream is the stream used for performing output in the stream-aware IOHandler. 

Create calls the inherited constructor, and assigns the default values for the internal member variables used in the stream-aware IOHandler. 

Use Destroy to free the object instance.

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