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TIdIOHandlerStack Class

Implements an IOHandler handler using socket handles with connection timeouts.

TIdIOHandlerStack = class(TIdIOHandlerSocket);

TIdIOHandlerStack is a TIdIOHandlerSocket descendant that implements the Indy IOHandler framework using a socket handle to access TCP/IP protocol stack. 

TIdIOHandlerStack overrides methods inherited from TIdIOHandlerSocket that allow the IOHandler to gain access to the TCP/IP protocol stack for the platform hosting the Indy library. The capabilities provided include: 


Resolving Host names in the IP address for the connection. 
Preparing and establishing a connection to a remote computer system. 
Determining if the protocol stack is ready to perform an IO operation. 
Determining if the connection is still valid for the IOHandler. 
Reading data from the stack into the internal buffering mechanism. 
Writing data in the internal buffering mechanism to the stack. 


TIdIOHandlerStack implements timeout capabilities when establishing the connecting, and when reading data from the protocol stack. 

TIdIOHandlerStack also implements support for TIdAntiFreeze when connecting to the remote destination for the IOHandler.

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