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TIdIOHandlerSocket.Open Method

Establishes the socket handle and connection for the IOHandler.

procedure Open; override;

Open is an overridden procedure in TIdIOHandlerSocket used ensure that a valid Binding exists and has been established for the IOHandler. 

Open calls the inherited Open method. 

When the socket handle for the connection in Binding has not been assigned, Open allocates resources for the Binding property. If Binding has already been assigned in a previous call to Open, the socket handle is reset. 

Reallocating the Binding in Open causes several actions to be performed in order to connect the socket-based IOHandler. 


Open connects to the remote system using the values in Host and Port when valid values have been assigned to the properties. 

Set the values in Host and Port prior to calling the Open method. 

Set the value in UseNagle prior to calling Open to indicate if the send coalescing algorithm is enabled in socket options for the connection. 

Use Close to disconnect the socket handle for the IOHandler connection.

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