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TIdIOHandler Class

Defines the framework for input and output using Indy components.

TIdIOHandler = class(TIdComponent);

TIdIOHandler is a TIdComponent descendant that defines the framework used to perform input and output operations for Indy components. 

TIdIOHandler defines the mechanism used to provide buffered access to data read from or written to a connection using TIdBuffer. Special purpose buffers are also available for sending and receiving large chunks of data, and accumulating data written to a connection for less frequent transmission. 

TIdIOHandler implements the common method required to perform IO operations for a connection. These methods include reading and writing common data types using its buffering mechanism. TIdIOHandler also includes methods for direct reads and writes that bypass the buffering mechanism. 

TIdIOHandler also specifies convenience methods used to create an IOHandler for a client connection, determine when an IOHandler is ready to perform an IO operation, and trigger events when data is sent and received using the IO handler. 

The properties, methods, and events in TIdIOHandler generally belong to the following usage categories: 


Property, Method, or Event 
Connection State 
Buffers and Buffering 
Read Operations 
Write Operations 
Connection Events 


TIdIOHandler contains abstract methods. Applications normally create instances of a descendant class, like TIdIOHandlerSocket, TIdIOHandlerStack, or TIdIOHandlerStream that implement the abstract virtual methods of this ancestor class.

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