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TIdIMAP4.UIDStoreFlags Method (String, TIdIMAP4StoreDataItem, TIdMessageFlagsSet)

Updates the specified message flags for a given message UID.

function UIDStoreFlags(
    const AMsgUID: String; 
    const AStoreMethod: TIdIMAP4StoreDataItem; 
    const AFlags: TIdMessageFlagsSet
): Boolean; overload;
Message unique identifier to be updated by the method.
Method to use for storing flag values.
Message flags to be updated for the specified messages. 

Boolean - True on success.

UIDStoreFlags is a Boolean function that updates the message flags specified in AFlags for the message unique identifier specified in AMsgUID. 

AStoreMethod indicates if the message flags are added, replaced or removed. 

When AMsgUID has a length of zero, the return value for the method is set to False and the method is exited. 

UIDStoreFlags requires that ConnectionState contain the value csSelected, or an EIdConnectionStateError exception will be raised. 

UIDStoreFlags calls SendCmd using the IMAP4 STORE command for the specified messages and flags. UIDStoreFlags sets the return value for the method to True when the server response contains the value IMAP_OK

Use StoreFlags to update message flag for a message using relative message numbers.

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