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TIdIMAP4.UIDRetrieveTextPeek Method

Retrieves the text that makes up the body of a message without updating the flags for the message.

function UIDRetrieveTextPeek(
    const AMsgUID: String; 
    var AText: string
): Boolean;
Unique identifier for the message.
destination for text representing the body of the message. 

Boolean - True on success.

UIDRetrieveTextPeek is a Boolean function used to retrieve a message part for the specified message that represents the body of the message. UIDRetrieveTextPeek is similar to UIDRetrieveText, but does not update the stored flags for the message when accessing the message or message parts in the IMAP4 mailbox. Specifically, it does not set the 'Seen' or mfSeen flag that indicates the message has been read. 

UIDRetrieveTextPeek uses the IMAP4 BODY[TEXT] command to access the message part that represents the body for the message. 

Please note that some IMAP4 servers do not correctly return the body text using this command. Some servers return the first unencoded attachment instead. Use UIDRetrieveTextPeek2 for servers that exhibit this behavior. 

UIDRetrieveTextPeek validates the message identifier in AMsgUID to ensure that it contains a valid value, and raises an EIdNumberInvalid exception if the requirement is not met. 

UIDRetrieveTextPeek requires that ConnectionState contain the value csSelected, or an EIdConnectionStateError exception will be raised. Use SelectMailBox or ExamineMailBox to select a mailbox prior to calling UIDRetrieveTextPeek or UIDRetrieveTextPeek2

The return value for the method indicates if the body text was successfully retrieved. The return value is False if a protocol error response (any value other than IMAP_OK) is received, or the number of lines in the body text cannot be determined. 

UIDRetrieveTextPeek captures and decodes the body lines in the IMAP4 server response, and stores the unencoded contents of the message part in the AText argument. UIDRetrieveTextPeek creates an instance of TIdTCPStream for use in capturing the body text for the message, and assigns the OnWorkForPart, OnWorkBeginForPart, and OnWorkEndForPart event handlers used to respond to work events triggered during retrieval of the message part. 

Please note that some IMAP4 servers may truncate the initial body text found in the message structure if it contains non-textual data such as binary transfer-encoded data or multipart content with the subtype mixed, digest, or parallel. Use UIDRetrieveText2 for servers exhibiting this behavior. 

Use RetrieveTextPeek or RetrieveTextPeek2 to retrieve the body text for a message using the relative message number for the message.

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