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TIdIMAP4.UIDDeleteMsgs Method

Marks the specified messages for subsequent deletion when a mailbox is purged.

function UIDDeleteMsgs(
    const AMsgUIDList: array of String
): Boolean;
Array of message unique identifiers to mark for deletion. 

Boolean - True on success.

UIDDeleteMsgs is a Boolean function used to mark the specified messages in AMsgUIDList for subsequent deletion when the mailbox is purged. UIDDeleteMsgs calls StoreFlags to add the message flag value mfDeleted to the flags stored for the associated message on the IMAP4 server. 

A mailbox must be selected using the SelectMailBox method prior to calling DeleteMsgs, or an exception is raised when storing the message flags on the IMAP4 server. 

Use DeleteMsgs to mark a list of messages for deletion using their relative message numbers. 

Use ExpungeMailBox to remove messages marked for deletion in the specified mailbox. 

Use GetUID to retrieve the UID for a specified relative message number.

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