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TIdIMAP4.StatusMailBox Method (String, TIdMailBox, array of TIdIMAP4StatusDataItem)

Retrieves status data items for the specified mailbox.

function StatusMailBox(
    const AMBName: String; 
    AMB: TIdMailBox; 
    const AStatusDataItems: array of TIdIMAP4StatusDataItem
): Boolean; overload;
Mailbox name tio be accessed and loaded.
Represents the contents read from the mailbox.
Status data items to be retrieved. 

Boolean - True on success.

StatusMailBox is an overloaded Boolean function used to retrieve status data items specified in AStatusDataItems for the mailbox specified in AMBName. 

StatusMailBox requires that the value of ConnectionState contain either csAuthenticated or csSelected, or an EIdConnectionStateError exception will be raised. 

StatusMailBox calls SendCmd using the IMAP4 STATUS command for the specified mailbox name and data items. On succesful completion, StatusMailBox parses the server response and loads values in the server response into the Mailbox specified in AMB. 

Please note that IMAP servers are required to have an "Inbox" folder to allow them to receive email for a given user. This may or may not be case-sensitive. Your implementation may require you to create an Inbox folder if it does not already exist. 

Also, caution is advised when choosing the characters used for mailbox names. Different IMAP servers may allow, and interpret differently, various characters, which is allowed within the IMAP specification. Characters such as ~ / and . may have special meaning in the IMAP servers context, and may produce unexpected results. In practice, some IMAP servers may be case-sensitive and others not. It is recommended that you only use the characters A-Z and 0-9 and that you program to allow for case sensitivity or insensitivity, as applicable. Note that, in general, IdIMAP4 adds double-quotes around mailbox names, which allows the use of spaces in mailbox names, but also note that a perticular IMAP server may not allow spaces (this functionality is necessary to allow IdIMAP4 deal with pre-existing mailboxes that include spaces). 

StatusMailBox sets the return value for the method to True when the server response contains the value IMAP_OK.

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