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TIdIMAP4.RetrieveOnSelect Property

Specifies data to automatically retrieve from the mailbox when a mailbox is selected.

property RetrieveOnSelect: TIdRetrieveOnSelect;

RetrieveOnSelect is a TIdRetrieveOnSelect property that indicates the data to be automatically retrieved when selecting an IMAP4 mailbox. 

rsHeaders indicates that only message headers are loaded for messages in the mailbox. 

rsMessages indicates that complete messages are loaded from the mailbox. 

rsDisabled indicates that no message data is loaded from the mailbox. 

RetrieveOnSelect is used in the SelectMailBox and the ExamineMailBox methods to determine if any message data should be loaded in the MailBox that represents the currently selected mailbox. 

The default value for RetrieveOnSelect is rsDisabled as assigned during initialization of the component.

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