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TIdIMAP4.MailBoxSeparator Property

Identifies the character used to separate mailbox names in the hierarchical mailbox namespace.

property MailBoxSeparator: Char;

MailBoxSeparator is a Char property that represents the character used to separate levels of hierarchy in a hierarchical mailbox namespace. The default value for MailBoxSeparator is '/', as assigned during initialization of the component. 

The namespace may contain an optional namespace character '#' and namespace identifier that specifies the type of mailbox store, followed by one or more mailboxes. The interpretation of mailbox names is implementation-dependent. However, the case-insensitive mailbox name 'INBOX' is a special name reserved to mean "the primary mailbox for this user on this server". 

For instance, the following examples represent the default mailbox for an IMAP4 account for the user 'jdoe', and the shared NNTP mailbox for the borland.public.delphi.internet.winsock newsgroup on the server Forums.Borland.Com: 




By changing the MailboxSeparator character to '.', the previous examples would contain the following: 




MailBoxSeparator is used when parsing IMAP4 server responses that include mailbox names. MailBoxSeparator may also be updated to reflect the mailbox separator character detected when parsing the IMAP4 server response. 

Please note that MailBoxSeparator may be set to the value CHAR0 (decimal 0) when server responses use the value NIL as the mailbox seperator character.

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