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TIdIMAP4.GetResponse Method

Retrieves and checks a multiple line IMAP4 server response.

function GetResponse: string; overload; reintroduce;

String - The initial word from the server response.

GetResponse is a reintroduced string function in TIdIMAP4 that implements retrieval and processing of IMAP4 server responses. GetResponse is used to read and accumulate response lines from the remote IMAP4 server until a line that has a valid response that terminates the response. 

GetResponse handles server response that include the following: 

  • Simple tagged responses


  C41 OK Completed


  • Untagged responses followed by a tagged response:

  * LIST (UnMarked) "/" INBOX
  * LIST (UnMarked) "/" Junk
  * LIST (UnMarked) "/" Junk/Subbox1
  C42 OK Completed


  • Untagged success or failure reponses:

  * OK CommuniGate Pro IMAP Server 3.5.7 ready


  • Untagged message literals:

  + Send the additional command text


  • Completion responses:

  OK - search completed
  NO - search error: can't search that [CHARSET] or criteria
  BAD - command unknown or arguments invalid


Because you may get data first, which you need to skip, you need to accept all the above possibilities. 

We MUST stop when we find a valid response code, like OK

GetResponse sets the formatted reply in LastCmdResult using the initial tagged or completion response accumulated from the server.

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