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TIdIMAP4.ConnectionState Property

Indicates the IMAP4 connection state.

property ConnectionState: TIdIMAP4ConnectionState;

ConnectionState is a Public read-only TIdIMAP4ConnectionState property 

ConnectionState is a read-only TIdIMAP4ConnectionState property that indicates the state of the IMAP4 connection. AN IMAP4 connection can exist in one of the following states: Non-Authenticated, Authenticated, Selected, and Logout. ConnectionState is used to determine which IMAP commands are valid for the indicated state. 

ConnectionState can contain one the follwing TIdIMAP4ConnectionState values: 


Commands allowed in any connection state. 
Commands allowed prior to establishing authentication and entering an authenticated state. 
Commands allowed after authentication but prior to mailbox selection. 
Commands allowed after selecting a mailbox. 
Commands are disallowed because the connection has been closed. 


csAny allows execution of the commands cmdCAPABILITY, cmdNOOP, and cmdLOGOUT at any time during the IMAP4 session. 

csNonAuthenticated permits commands from the csAny connection state, as well as the commands cmdAUTHENTICATE and cmdLOGOUT. 

csAuthenticated permits commands from the csNonAuthenticated connection state, as well as the commands cmdSELECT, cmdEXAMINE, cmdCREATE, cmdDELETE, cmdRENAME, cmdSUBSCRIBE, cmdUNSUBSCRIBE, cmdLIST, cmdLSUB, cmdSTATUS, and cmdAPPEND. 

csSelected permits commands from the csAuthenticated connection state, as well as the commands cmdCHECK, cmdCLOSE, cmdEXPUNGE, cmdSEARCH, cmdFETCH, cmdSTORE, cmdCOPY, cmdUID, and the experimental/expansion commmands represented by cmdXCmd. 

csUnexpectedlyDisconnected is used when sending IMAP4 commands and processing server responses to indicate situations where the connection has been reset by the peer.

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