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TIdHeaderList.Values Property

Allows access to header values by name.

property Values [const Name: string]: string;
Header name to be retrieved. Return Value:
Header value for the header name. 

Values is an Indexed String property that works like Borland's TStrings.Values except it uses the delimiter defined in NameValueSeparator as the seperator between the header name and value. 

Case sensitivity is set with the CaseSensitive property, and if UnfoldLines is True, lines will be unfolded. 

Thus if UnfoldLines is set to true, the value in following Example for Values['Subject'] would be "This is a line which is folded. This is on another line." If UnfoldLines is set to False, the Value['Subject'] would equal = "This is a line which is folded." 


Subject:  This is a line which is folded.
 This is on another line.
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