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TIdHeaderList.Extract Method

Finds and stores all values for the given header name.

procedure Extract(
    const AName: string; 
    ADest: TIdStrings
Header name to be located and stored.
Stores all located header values. 

Extract is a procedure that is used to search the header list for all occurrences of the header in AName. When the header in AName is located, the value of the header is added to ADest. ADest can, as a result, contain multiple values for the named header, with one value per line. 

When ADest is unassigned, no action is performed in the method. 

Set CaseSensitive to indicate if case-sensitivity is important when comparing AName to header names in the object instance. 

Extract iterates over header Names and Values, and adds Values matching AName to ADest. 

ADest is not cleared prior to use in Extract. Any existing values in ADest are unaffected.

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