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TIdHashMessageDigest4 Class

Implements the MD4 message digest encryption algorithm.

TIdHashMessageDigest4 = class(TIdHashMessageDigest);

TIdHashMessageDigest4 is a TIdHashMessageDigest descendant that implements the RSA-MD4 encryption algorithm as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 1186 - MD4 Message Digest Algorithm  

TIdHashMessageDigest4 can be used in various cryptography implementations that require the RSA-MD4 algorithm. The RSA-MD4 algorithm takes an input message of an arbitrary length and produces a 128-bit "fingerprint" or "message digest" of the input. 

The MD4 algorithm is used for digital signature applications, where a large file must be "compressed" in a secure manner before being signed with the RSA public-key cryptosystem. 

The MD4 algorithm has been placed in the public domain.

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