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TIdHash128.AsHex Method

Converts the hash value to it's hexadecimal representation.

class function AsHex(
    const AValue: T4x4LongWordRecord
): string;
The record containg LongWord values to converted to hex. 

String - Hexadecimal representation of the hash value.

AsHex is String class function that converts the hash value specified in AValue to it's hexadecimal representation. AsHex allocates a string with the length needed to represent the multiple LongWord values in AValue. AsHex allows uses of the method without an existing instance of the TIdHash128 class. 

AsHex is used in TIdPOP3.Connect when the MD5 hash value is converted to hex for used in the APOP authentication mechanism.

sHex := TIdHash128.AsHex(HashValue(sUsername + sPassword));
sAPOPDigest := Lowercase(sHex);
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