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TIdHTTP.OnProxyAuthorization Event

Event handler for selecting the HTTP client authentication mechanism for a proxy connection.

property OnProxyAuthorization: TIdOnAuthorization;
HTTP client generating the event notification.
Authentication class to use for the connection.
Header values to use in authectication. 

OnProxyAuthorization is a published TIdProxyOnAuthorization property in TIdHTTP, and represents the event handler signalled when an HTTP client selects an authentication class to be used when session or proxy authentication is required for a connection. 

OnProxyAuthorization is used when the ResponseCode for the HTTP request is 407, indicating that proxy authentication is required. 

OnProxyAuthorization is signalled prior to triggering the OnAuthorization event handler. 

AuthenticationClass is the class instance to be used to perform authentication for the mechanisms required in an HTTP request. 

AuthInfo is the header values to be be used in the HTTP response that includes the authentication results.

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