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TIdHTTPSession.Create Constructor

Constructor for the object instance.

constructor Create(
    AOwner: TIdHTTPCustomSessionList
); virtual;
Owner of the object instance. 

Create is the constructor for the object instance, and is responsible for initializing properties for the TIdHTTPSession instance. Create calls the inherited Create constructor. 

AOwner is the owner of the object instance, and when assigned, should reflect the TIdHTTPCustomSessionList that owns the session object instance. AOwner is used to trigger the OnSessionStart event handler to perform session maintenance specific to the server implementation. 

Create allocates the internal TIdCriticalSection instance used for resource protection in the Lock and Unlock methods. 

Create also allocates the resource required for the Content property. 

Use CreateInitialized to create an HTTP session that assigns values for the session identifier, remote IP address, and last access timestamp. 

Use Destroy to free the object instance.

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