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TIdHTTPSession Class

Implements a persistent HTTP Session.

TIdHTTPSession = class(TObject);

TIdHTTPSession is a TObject descendant that implements a HTTP Session. TIdHTTPSession provides support for maintaining persistent HTTP session and state for TIdCustomHTTPServer and TIdHTTPServer implementations. 

TIdHTTPSession is used with TIdHTTPCustomSessionList and TIdHTTPDEfaultSessionList to provide persistent HTTP session management using the SessionID property and the "IDSESSIONID" Cookie. 

TIdHTTPSession uses an internal TIdCriticalSection instance to provide resource protection (using Lock and Unlock) in multi-threaded HTTP server implementations. 

SessionID is the unique identifier for the HTTP session. 

LastTimestamp is the date and time that the HTTP session was last modified. 

RemoteHost is the address of the remote computer using the HTTP session. 

Content is a storage area for string values that can be used to form HTTP request and/or response messages. 

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