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TIdHTTPResponseInfo Class

Implements a HTTP response object.

TIdHTTPResponseInfo = class(TIdResponseHeaderInfo);

TIdHTTPResponseInfo is a TIdResponseHeaderInfo descendant that encapsulates access to information in a HTTP response. 

TIdHTTPResponseInfo publishes properties that provide access to various information for a HTTP response. These properties include the persistent HTTP session, the authentication realm, Cookies, raw Header content, as well as the response number, content, content length, and content type. 

TIdHTTPResponseInfo is used by TIdHTTPServer to prepare a HTTP response for a peer thread request. In preparing the HTTP response, values are read from TIdHTTPResponseInfo properties and stored in the RawHeaders property. Values in RawHeaders and ContentText / ContentStream are used to transmit the HTTP response when the server calls WriteHeader or WriteContent.

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