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TIdHTTPResponse Class

Provides access to headers and properties for an HTTP response.

TIdHTTPResponse = class(TIdResponseHeaderInfo);

TIdHTTPResponse is a TIdResponseHeaderInfo descendant that provides properties and methods used to define and manipulate header values used in an HTTP response. 

TIdHTTPResponse is used when TIdHTTP receives a response to an HTTP request, and indicates both the numeric and textual responses from the host server, and the connection headers for the HTTP response. 

A TIdHTTPResponse instance is provided as an argument to TIdHTTP event handlers that use or update values in the HTTP response, including OnRedirect, OnSelectAuthorization, OnSelectProxyAuthorization, OnAuthorization, and OnProxyAuthorization. 

TIdHTTPResponse is the type used to represent the TIdHTTPProtocol.Response property, and allows the protocol handler to store a reference to the response received during HTTP protocol exchanges.

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