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TIdHTTPOnRedirectEvent Type

Event type triggered for a HTTP redirection request.

TIdHTTPOnRedirectEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; var dest: string; var NumRedirect: Integer; var Handled: boolean; var VMethod: TIdHTTPMethod) of object;
HTTP client to query for redirection.
URL for the new resource location.
An accumulator for the number of redirection requests.
Indicated that redirects should be handled. 

TIdHTTPOnRedirectEvent is a event type triggered when an HTTP client is notified of a redirection request from the HTTP server. TIdHTTPOnRedirectEvent is used in conjunction with an event handler to respond to the event. 

Sender is the HTTP client that has received the redirection request. 

Dest is the new location or URL for the resource. Dest is often used to update a GUI application with the current URL. 

NumRedirects is a variable used to accumulate the number of redirection requests that the HTTP client has received. 

Handled indicates that the event handler should respond to the redirection request. Set Handled to False if the application is unable to respond to the redirection request.

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