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TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList Class

Implements a thread-safe container for persistent HTTP sessions.

TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList = class(TIdHTTPCustomSessionList);

TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList is a TIdHTTPCustomSessionList descendant that implements the container framework declared in the ancestor class. TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList provides an implementation that uses a TThreadList to store and manage TIdHTPSession object instances. 

TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList overrides abstract virtual methods from the ancestor class to implement the operations needed to maintain the session list, including: 



TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList extends the ancestor by including the internal RemoveSessionFromLockedList method to provide thread-safe removal of a persistent session object from the internal TThreadList. 

TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList is the type used to represent the TIdHTTPServer.SessionList property in an HTTP server implementation.

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