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TIdHTTPCustomSessionList Class

Specifies an abstract container for persistent HTTP sessions.

TIdHTTPCustomSessionList = class(TIdBaseComponent);

TIdHTTPCustomSessionList is a TIdComponent descendant that specifies a pure virtual class that provides the container framework for HTTP sessions in a TIdCustomHTTPServer implementation. 

TIdHTTPCustomSessionList declares procedures and methods needed to add an create TIdHTTPSession persistent session objects, retrieve session objects by an identifier and remote IP address, and clear sessions from the container. 

All methods in TIdHTTPCustomSessionList are declared as virtual abstract procedures and functions, and must be overridden in a descendant class to provide the session management capabilities required. 

TIdHTTPCustomSessionList is used as the ancestor for Indy classes, like TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList, that manage persistent session information using TIdHTTPSession object instances. 

TIdHTTPCustomSessionList also implements properties and event handlers needed to specify the default timeout value for sessions in the container, and to respond to events triggered when a persistent session is started or completed. 

TIdHTTPCustomSessionList is the type used to represent the TIdHTTPSession.Owner property established during initialization of the session object.



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