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TIdGopher.GetMenu Method

Retrieves the Gopher menu.

function GetMenu(
    ASelector: String; 
    IsGopherPlus: Boolean = False; 
    AView: String = ''
): TIdGopherMenu;
the selector for the Gopher item or an empty string to get the root item.
Server supports Gopher+. Default value is False.
Alternative view listed. Default value is ''. 

TIdGopherMenu - The standard Gopher menu.

GetMenu is a TIdGopherMenu function used to retrieve a Gopher Menu. ISGopherPlus should be set to true for Gopher+ servers or false for non-gopher plus servers in case a menu starts with a "+". AView is an alternative view listed for the menu you are retrieving with Gopher+. 

The application is responsible for freeing the TIdGopherMenu returned by this function.

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