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TIdGopher.GetExtendedMenu Method

Gets the Gopher+ extended menu.

function GetExtendedMenu(
    ASelector: String; 
    AView: String = ''
): TIdGopherMenu;
the selector used to retrieve the gopher menu
alternative views listed for the item you are retrieving for a Gopher + server. 

TIdGopherMenu - Gopher+ extended menu or standard menu.

GetExtendedMenu is a TIdGopherMenu function that gets an extended Gopher+ menu including additional Gopher+ information. GetExtendedMenu will also retrieve the standard Gopher menu if the server does not support Gopher+. 

We do not recommend that you use this procedure unless you are sure the server supports Gopher+ because a constant used in the Gopher+ Protocol greeting will conflict with the menu item type constant IdGopherItem_Redundant which could appear in the menu as a first item. 

To determine if a Gopher Server supports Gopher+, use the TIdGopherMenuItem.GopherPlusItem property from the gopher menu which is referring to the item you want. 

The application is responsible for freeing the TIdGopherMenu returned by this function.

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