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TIdGopherServer Class

Implements a Gopher server.

TIdGopherServer = class(TIdCustomTCPServer);

TIdGopherServer is a TIdTCPServer descendant that implements a server for the Internet Gopher protocol, as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 1436 - The Internet Gopher Protocol  

TIdGopherServer also implements partial support for the Gopher+ protocol as described in the document: 

Gopher+, Upward-Compatible Enhancements to the Internet Gopher protocol  

Gopher is a distributed document system developed at the University of Minnesota as an attempt to make locating information resources intuitive for users through a series of structured menus leading to documents or pointers to other protocols such as Telnet and TN3270. 

While Gopher has been succeeded by the World Wide Web, this is still useful for accessing legacy systems and has a low overhead due to its simplicity and structure.

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