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TIdFinger.CompleteQuery Property

Identifies the query for the Finger protocol.

property CompleteQuery: String;

CompleteQuery is a String property that represents the the entire Finger query, such as "user@host", to be sent in the Finger method. The CompleteQuery property is provided as a convenience for programs which prompt for a query in this form. CompleteQuery may contain values that permit recursive finger queries on servers that permit this capability, such as:


Reading the value in CompleteQuery returns the concatenated values in Query and Host in the form: 




Writing a value to CompleteQuery forces the right-most host name to be parsed and stored in the Host property. If no host name is present, or recursive hosts are used in the query, the remainder of the new value is copied to the Query property. 

Use VerboseOutput to indicate if the server should provide detailed output in the response returned by the Finger method.

   // var AFingerL TIdFinger;

   AFinger.Host := '';
   AFinger.CompleteQuery := '/W';
   // Query contains '/W'
   // Host contains ''

   AFinger.Host := '';
   AFinger.CompleteQuery := 'myaccount';
   // Query contains 'myaccount'
   // Host contains ''
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