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TIdFingerServer.OnCommandVerboseFinger Event

Represents the event handler for resolving verbose Finger requests.

property OnCommandVerboseFinger: TIdFingerGetEvent;

OnCommandVerboseFinger is a TIdFingerGetEvent property that represents the event handler triggered when a threaded client connection makes a verbose Finger request. 

OnCommandVerboseFinger expects an AUserName argument that is the query the client is making. This event does not occur in the main program thread but in the specified context for the client connection. 

OnCommandVerboseFinger is used during execution of the threaded client, and allows the server to implement resolution of the Finger query using verbose output. Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. The event handler should be used to locate user information for the Finger query, and write any reponse or error messages to the client connection context. 

When OnCommandVerboseFinger is unassigned, OnCommandFinger will be used to resolve the Finger query.

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