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TIdFTP.UseMLIS Property

Indicates if the FTP MLST and MLSD commands are used for directory listings.

property UseMLIS: Boolean;

UseMLIS is a Boolean property that indicates if the FTP client should attempt to use the FTP MLST and MLSD commands for directory listings. UseMLIS indicates the FTP client preference, but can be overridden in FTP protocol exchanges when the FTP server does not implement support for MLST and/or MLSD. 

Set UseMLIS to True to indicate that FTP client (and the parsers used for the DirectoryListing collection) would prefer use of the MLST/MLSD directory listing format. 

Use the CanUseMLS property or the IsExtSupported method to determine if the requested directopry listing format is supported in the Capabilities for the remote FTP server. 

The default value for UseMLIS is DEF_Id_TIdFTP_UseMIS, as assigned during initialization of the component.

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