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TIdFTP.UseCCC Property

Indicates if use of the Clear Command Channel (CCC) command is required for the FTP client.

property UseCCC: Boolean;

UseCCC is a Boolean property that indicates if use of the Clear Command Channel (CCC) command is supported for the FTP client session, as described in the Internet Standards documents: 

RFC 2228 - FTP Security Extensions  

When UseCCC contains True, TLS integrity protection on the control channel for the session will be disabled. Changing the value in UseCCC can result in an EIdFTPNoCCCWOEncryption exception begin raised when UseTLS contains the value utNoTLSSupport. 

The value in the UseCCC property is used when transmitting the initial settings for the data channel, and indicates that an IOHandler using a TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketBase instance must set it's PassThrough property to True. 

Please note that the FTP CCC extension command is not supported on all FTP server implementations. 

The default value is DEF_Id_FTP_UseCCC, as assigned during initialization of the component and during processing in the ReInitialize method.

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