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TIdFTP.TZInfo Property

Provides access to timezone information for the remote FTP server.

property TZInfo: TIdFTPTZInfo;

TZInfo is a TIdFTPTZInfo property used to store timezone information for the remote FTP server. TZInfo provides access to the offset from GMT (UTC) when its GMTOffsetAvailable property contains True. 

Properties in TZInfo are updated when the control channel for the client session is established in the Connect method. If the server implementation supports the FTP SITE ZONE command, the server response to the command is parsed and stored in the GMTOffset and GMTOffsetAvailable properties in TZInfo. 

TZInfo is used in SetModTime and SetModTimeGMT when updating the last modification time for a file on the remote file system. 

Resources required for the TZInfo property are allocated in during initialization of the component, and freed in the Destroy destructor.

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