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TIdFTP.SetCMDOpt Method

Specifies the behavior to appply to a subsequent FTP command.

procedure SetCMDOpt(
    const ACMD: String; 
    const AOptions: String
Command to be affected by the options.
Options to be applied for the FTP session. 

SetCMDOpt is a procedure used to implement support for the FTP OPTS command, as described in the Internet Standards document: 

RFC 2389 - Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol  

SetCMSOpt allows the FTP client to specify the desired behavior of an FTP server when the command in ACMD is subsequently issued. The exact behavior, and syntax, will vary with the target command indicated, and will be specified with the definition of that command. 

Where no OPTS behavior is defined for a particular command there are no options available for that command. 

The OPTS command should be implemented whenever the FTP FEAT command is implemented on the remote FTP server. Because of that, there is no indication in the Capabilities property to indicate that the OPTS command itself is supported. 

SetCMSOpts sends the FTP OPTS command using the values in ACMD and AOptions as arguments. The numeric response code 200 is exepected to indicate successful completion of the FTP command.

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