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TIdFTP.ReadTimeout Property

Number of milliseconds to wait for an FTP protocol response.

property ReadTimeout: Integer;

ReadTimeout is an Integer property that represents the number of milliseconds to wait for an FTP protocol response on the control channel for the client. The default value for ReadTimeout is DEF_Id_FTP_READTIMEOUT, as assigned during initialization of the component. 

Please note that some firewalls do not handle FTP control channel connections properly during long-running data transfers. Since the control channel is inactive during the operation, a timeout condition may occur. You may need to increase the value in ReadTimeout to an artifically large value to avoid this condition. This can result in a lengthy delay if the FTP server closes the connection for the control channel without performing any notification to the FTP client. 

Use TransferTimeout to indicate the number of milliseconds to wait for file transfer operations that use the data channel created for the FTP client. 

Set values in the ReadTimeout and TransferTimeout properties prior to calling the Connect or Login methods, and before using method that perform file transfer or directory listing operations.

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