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TIdFTP.ReInitialize Method

Clears the account and settings for the FTP client.

procedure ReInitialize(
    ADelay: Cardinal = 10
Default value is 10. 

ReInitialize is a procedure that performs the FTP REIN command for a Connected FTP client. ReInitialize is used to clear the current Account and settings for the FTP client. 

All TIdFTP properties are reset to the default values, and the control channel is left open. This is identical to the client state immediately after the control channel is opened using Connect

ReInitialize will pause for the number of milliseconds specified in ADelay prior to sending the FTP REIN command. 

ReInitialize clears the value in the LoginMsg property. Exisiting collection items in the DirectoryListing collection are cleared. Passive, TransferType, and CanResume are reset to their default values. 

ReInitialize also sets the Username and Password properties to empty string values. An application should normally call the Login method after using ReInitialize.

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