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TIdFTP.Password Property

Authentication credentials used when logging into the FTP server.

property Password;

Password is a String property that indicates the authentication credentials used when logging in to the FTP server. 

Values in the Username and Password properties are sent to the FTP server using the FTP commands USER and PASS in the Login method. During authentication, values in the properties are used to determine the effective permissions for FTP client session. 

TIdFTP provides support for the One-Time-Password (OTP) system when the capability is supported on the FTP server. During authentication processing in the Login method, the FTP client will detect the server support for OTP by examing the response return for the FTP USER command. When the response includes an OTP Challenge, the appropriate hashed values are calculated using the OTP challenge and the Password property. 

For FTP clients that require connection to a proxy server, the Username and Password properties found in ProxySettings may be used depending on the proxy server type in ProxySettings

For anonymous file transfers, the Username property should contain the value "anonymous". Use your email address in the Password property when connecting for anonymous file transfers. 

Use Account to provide additional information about the FTP account when required on the FTP server implementation. 

Use ClientInfo to provide additional information about the FTP client, revision, and platform for servers implementing the FTP CLNT extension command.

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