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TIdFTP.Passive Property

Indicates the FTP data channel connection method.

property Passive: boolean;

Passive is a Boolean property that indicates how the data channel connection for a File Transfer Protocol session is established. 

Passive is used during processing for both the Get and the Put methods to determine the FTP protocol exchange required to establish the data channel for the data transfer operation. 

When Passive is True, the FTP server will listen for the FTP client to connect on a data port specified in the response to the FTP PASV or EPSV commands. EPSV is used when UsingExtDataPort contains True. 

Active connections (or when Passive is set to False) indicates that the FTP server will open the connection for the data channel. In other words, the FTP client will listen for the server to open a connection for the data channel. The server is notified using the FTP PORT or EPRT commands. EPRT is used when UsingExtDataPort contains True. 

Please note that some proxy configurations require PORT transfers, and some FTP servers do not support PASV transfers. Consult your network administrator for details on using FTP in your network environment. 

The default value for Passive is Id_TIdFTP_Passive, as assigned during initialization of the component. Passive is also reset to the default value in ReInitialize.

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