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TIdFTP.OnDataChannelDestroy Event

Event handler signalled prior to freeing the data channel in the FTP client.

property OnDataChannelDestroy: TIdOnDataChannelDestroy;

OnDataChannelDestroy is a TIdOnDataChannelDestroy property that represents the event handler signalled prior to freeing resource allocated to the data channel in data transfer operations. 

OnDataChannelDestroy is triggered in the Get and Put methods when the data transfer operation has been completed, and prior to freeing the object instance. 

Arguments passed to the event handler include the FTP client and the data channel instance for the event. 

OnDataChannelDestroy allows the application to perform logging and maintenace required when the FTP client is about to free the data channel used for a data transfer operation. Assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. 

Use OnDataChannelBegin to respond to the event notification that occurs on after creating and initalizing the data channel.

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