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TIdFTP.OnCreateFTPList Event

Event handler signalled for creation of the structured directory listing for the FTP client.

property OnCreateFTPList: TIdCreateFTPList;

OnCreateFTPList is a TIdCreateFTPList property that represents the event handler signalled when the DirectoryListing collection is created following retrieval of the text for a directory listing. 

OnCreateFTPList is triggered when attempting to read the value of the DirectoryListing property and the collection instance has not been previously created. 

OnCreateFTPList allows the application to receive notification that the DirectoryListing container is about to be created. It may also be used to assign an object instance to the DirectoryListing property. Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. 

Use OnRetrievedDir to respond to receipt of the textual information in a directory listing. 

Use OnDirParseStart and OnDirParseEnd to respond to notifications occurring proper to and following parsing of values in ListResult into items in the DirectoryListing collection.

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