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TIdFTP.OnBannerBeforeLogin Event

Event handler signalled after receipt of the welcome message, and before logging into the FTP server.

property OnBannerBeforeLogin: TIdFTPBannerEvent;

OnBannerBeforeLogin is a TIdFTPBannerEvent property that represents the event handler signalled after receipt of the FTP server Greeting

OnBannerBeforeLogin is triggered in the Connect method after opening the connection to the remote FTP server using values in Host, Port, and optional ProxySettings. OnBannerBeforeLogin is triggered before performing authentication using the Login method when AutoLogin contains True. 

Arguments to the OnBannerBeforeLogin event handler include the formatted reply in the Greeting property. 

OnBannerBeforeLogin allows the application to gain access to the message in Greeting when it is received from the FTP server. The Greeting message typically contains information that identifies the server and describes acceptable usage policies. It may also contain information about scheduled downtime, or other events that will affect availability of the remote FTP server. Applications must assign a procedure to the event handler to allow responding to the event notification. 

Use on OnBannerAfterLogin to respond to the message receive after completion of the FTP protocol exchange for authentication in the Login method.

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