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TIdFTP.ListParserClass Property

Represents a class reference for the directory listing parser used to create collection items in the DirectoryListing property.

property ListParserClass: TIdFTPListParseClass;

ListParserClass is a TIdFTPListParseClass property that represents the class used to parse the textual results in ListResults into collection items maintained in the DirectoryListing property. ListParserClass provides the facilities used to prepare the structured directory listing and to identify the directory listing format used in the DirFormat property. 

The ListParserClass class reference is updated during the inital read access to the DirectortyListing property, following construction of the DirectortyListing collection. 

When ListResult contains a positive non-zero number of text lines, the FTP client determines the list parser class to be used to parsed the textual reponses from the LIST, NLST, MLSD, or MLST commands. When UsedMLS contains True, the IdFTPListParseBase class is used to parse the lines in ListResult

Under all other conditions, the CheckListParseCapa function is called to identify the directory listing parser class by using the registered parsers in the GParserList variable. Each registered parsers class calls its CheckListParseCapa method to determine the correct parser class required based on the format of the text lines found in ListResult

When a valid directory listing parser class is located, the parser class instance is used to create a collection item in the DirectoryListing property for each detail line found in ListResult

The DirFormat property is also updated to indicate the common name for the directory listing format detected in the registered parsers list.

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