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TIdFTP.Help Method

Requests FTP server capabilities or site-specific implementations.

procedure Help(
    var AHelpContents: TIdStringList; 
    ACommand: String = ''
Values returned from the HELP command.
Optional argument requesting more specific information. 

Help is a procedure used to retrieve the FTP server capabilities, and other helpful information, using the FTP HELP command. The values returned in AHelpContents will reflect information regarding its implementation status over the control connection for the FTP client. 

Help can send the optional argument in ACommand to request more specific information about a particular command implemented in the FTP server. The server may use this reply to specify site-dependent parameters, e.g., in response to HELP SITE. 

Please note that Help has no effect if the FTP client is not Connected. Help can be used prior to Login or other forms of user authentication.

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