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TIdFTP.GetLoginPassword Method (String)

Constructs the authentication credentials for the FTP session in the Login method.

function GetLoginPassword(
    const APrompt: String
): String; overload;
Challenge for the One-Time-Password system. 

String - The hashed OTP Response using the Password for the FTP client.

GetLoginPassword is an overloaded String function used to construct the authentication credentials for the FTP session in the Login method. 

GetLoginPassword provides a mechanism for transparently supporting the One-Time-Password (OTP) system for FTP servers that implement the capability in the response for the FTP USER command. If the response includes a line that begins with the characters "otp-", the hashing algorithm and the challenge are read from the FTP response. The hashing algorithm is used to generate an OTP response using the OTP Challenge and the value in the Password property. 

If an OTP challenge is not found in the response to the FTP USER command, the value in the Password property is used for the authentication credentials in the Login method.



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