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TIdFTP.ExtListItem Method (TIdStrings, TIdFTPListItems, string)

Implements support for the FTP MLST extension command.

procedure ExtListItem(
    ADest: TIdStrings; 
    AFList: TIdFTPListItems; 
    const AItem: string = ''
); overload;
Storage for text values returned from the MLST command.
Structured directory listing used to store the values for the command.
Named item to be be returned in the directory listing. 

ExtListItem is an overloaded procedure used to implement support for the FTP MLST extension command for servers supported the capability. The MLST command provides a defined format for directories and files appearing on the remote file system. 

ExtListItem stores the textual response for the MLST command in the ADest argument. Existing values in the ADest parameter are cleared prior to executing the FTP MLST command using AItem as an argument. Values captured in LastCmdResult are added to the ADest parameter when one or more semicolon-delimited facts are found in the textual response lines. 

When AFList has been assigned, it is used to store the structured DirectoryListing items parsed from the textual response using the IdFTPListParseBase.ParseListing method. 

AItem represents the file entry requested for the listing operation. AItem cannot contain a directory name. When AItem contains an empty string, the textual response contains only facts for the currently selected non-root directory. 

The MLST response does not include any title, header, or summary lines, or any other formatting, and conforms to the facts indicated in the Capabilities for the FTP server. 

Use ExtListDir to get a directory listing for a file or directory using the FTP MLSD command.








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