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TIdFTP.DataPortMin Property

Indicates the lower limit for port numbers allowed when binding an active data channel for the FTP client.

property DataPortMin: Integer;

DataPortMin is an Integer property that indicates the lower limit for port numbers allowed when binding the data channel for the FTP client session. 

The default value for the DataPort property is 0 (zero), and indicates that the data port is assigned when the data channel connection is bound. 

The default value for DataPortMin is 0, as assigned during initialization of the component, and indicates that a lower limit is not used for port selection. 

Use DataPortMax to indicate the upper limit for automatic port number selection. 

Both DataPortMin and DataPortMax are used in internal processing for the Get and Put methods to create a data channel that actively listens for a server connection (when Passive contains False). FTP clients will send the FTP PORT command, or the PBSZ and PROT commands when UsingExtDataPort indicates extended port protection features are enabled for the server. 

DataPortMin and DataPortMax are useful when a proxy server, firewall, or NAT requires values in the DataPort property to be in an accepted range of values.

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